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Thursday, 17 November 2016

How To Create Whatsapp Group With Invitation Link In Less than 1 Minute

Some of you might have seen Whatsapp invitation link requiring you to click and join a particular group created by some other Whatsapp users, and you might have been wondering how you too can create a group on Whatsapp with invitation link.

Whatsapp invitation link provides an easier way of promoting and inviting others to join your Whatassp group.

Formerly, it was quite hectic doing so as you will be required to uninstall your current Whatsapp app and install a Beta version Whatsapp Prime app that can enable you create a Whatsapp group with its own invitation link.

Today, we are going to be showing you the steps now involved in creating whatsapp group with invitation link, without needing any 3rd party Whatsapp app.

Presently, you are allowed to add up to 256 members to a whatsapp group and you should be running an updated Whatsapp version, to enable you create a group with invitation link.

Without further ado, below are the steps involved in creating Whatsapp group with invitation link;

• Launch your updated Whatsapp app

• Navigate to the Whatsapp Chats menu if it is not already there

• Click on the 3 dotted Whatsapp menu located at the top right corner and select new group

• Add at list 1 or more participants from the list of contacts on your device

• Click on the next green icon located at the bottom right of the page

• Add subject or name the group you are creating and click on the round button with tick to Ok it

• On the group that you just created, tap on the group header name to bring up the group info

• Select the personal icon with plus sign at the top right hand side of the group info

• You will see the ‘Invite to group via link’ and its icon at the top of the list, select it to see the group Whatapp invitation link

• You can now tap on copy link to copy the link and start promoting it

Hurray! You have just created a Whatsapp group with invitation link and anybody that sees the link and clicks on it will be added to the group through the link.


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