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Saturday, 14 January 2017

5 ways to make your waist look slimmer

We all know the best and permanent solution to get a
slimmer body is eating healthy and a serious exercise
routine, but we can show you 5 ways to make your
waist appear slimmer using your wardrobe.

1. Color Play : Not to be mistaken for its
outdated cousin, color blocking, color play
involve matching and mixing colors that
are lighter or darker in shade. Light colors
will make you appear bigger than you
actually are. Dark colors, on the contrary,
will make you look smaller. Wear dresses
with black cut-outs around the problem
area, especially on the sides, these
dresses are designed to make you

2. Wide Belts: Fashion has gotten so rich,
that you can dare to wear a wide belt over
anything, even over a cardigan. a wide
belt will cinch your middle making it look
smaller in comparison to other body parts.

3. Wrap Dresses : Thanks to the wrap, your
shoulders get more exposure and the belt
sets a clear border before your waist
starts. A wrap dress will make you look
thinner, no matter where your issue of
insecurity is located.

4. Print play: Try out various prints and
stripes and decide which one works best
for you. Horizontal stripes give the illusion
of a wider frame while vertical stripes do
the opposite, a play on this can give an
interestingly slimmer looking mid-region.

5. Baggy clothes: This is the truth, it may
not make your waist look any slimmer
than before but it does hide the problem
area and that”s a good thing. The one rule
here is to draw attention to other parts of
your body. wearing leggings, a cold
shoulder over sized top, ankle boots and
lots of accessories do the trick.

These temporary tricks help you look slimmer but the
best way to achieve your ideal look is through healthy
eating and exercise and most of all loving your body
the way it’s been designed.


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