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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The Sport of Asó EbÍ! Check Out Maki Oh’s Latest Collection

This season, Maki Oh is captivated by the modern 
concept of Asó EbÍ.

Asó EbÍ is a Yoruba word which translates to ‘family
cloth’. Traditionally, the chosen cloth (usually lace,
wax print or hand-woven fabric) was distributed and
worn within families to show uniformity and
cooperation during social occasions and ceremonies
like weddings. Recently this has expanded beyond the
familial, as non-relatives, like well-wishers can wear
the cloth in ‘solidarity’. Ceremony venues are awash
with seas of colour-coded guests numbering in the
hundreds and sometimes thousands.

Pageantry plays an important role in Asó EbÍ. Women
dress in lavish floral laces, intricately beaded blouses
and large statement jewellery.

Embellishments from
the collection take a cue from this showcase –
Beaded silk shirts, floral motif adiré dresses, fringed
tinsel appliqué, and linen blouses adorned with
multiple large zippers. The collection explores zippers
as a major part of Asó EbÍ culture. Typically, due to
the frequency of these events, neighbourhood tailors
are tasked with the production of the Asó EbÍ outfits.

Though dedicated to the fit of the garment, there is a
lack of access to good quality zippers in the markets.

The use of low quality garish zippers is often an
unfortunate affront in contrast to the lush and often
very expensive fabrics purchased from different parts
of the world.

Silhouettes are inspired by traditional Nigerian
garments – the buba, ikpele and iro, which were
customarily worn as ceremonial garments.

Often, in one event, there are many Asó EbÍ colour
combinations ranging in importance. Guests wearing
certain colours are offered special keepsakes and
served finer food. Politics come into play with invited
guests vying to be offered the Asó EbÍ colour
combination signifying that they are closest to the
family. The competition can be ferocious.

The collection’s colour palette is in line with the
custom of having two complimentary fabric colours
(one as the head-tie and one as the garment) – and
the mandatory ‘glamorous’ names that come written
on the event’s invitation: wisteria & crimson, merlot &
flame, midnight & white swan…

See collection below.

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