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Sunday, 3 September 2017

MUST READ: Fire on the Mountain? Biafra Leader, Onwuka on the Run as Nnamdi Kanu Allegedly Goes Into Hiding

Pioneer of the Biafra Zionist Organization, BZF, Benjamin Onwuka, who a month back proclaimed himself the Leader of the Republic of Biafra and named a broken Bureau has sought total isolation.

Onwuka went underground to avoid capture by agents of Department of State Services who have been on his trail since he held the question and answer session where he declared the arrangement of conspicuous people into this "Bureau" as clergymen, a demonstration that was entirely rejected by numerous as clever.

Onwuka had in his public interview about a month prior reported the names of regarded identities as individuals from his bureau. They incorporate, Prof. Pat Utomi (Outside Issues), Teacher Chukwuma Soludo (Senator, National Bank of Biafra) and Ohanaeze President, Boss Nnia Nwodo, who was designated as Biafra's Envoy to the Assembled States. The between time government was to take off on August 1 and last until August 31, 2017.

In a current articulation, he issued from his refuge Onwuka stated: "I'm not guaranteeing to be president all alone. The Unified States under Obama perceived Biafra on fifteenth October 2014. The Zionists have faith in universal strategy.

"Give me a chance to guarantee those individuals delegated that the broken government remains until the point that we get notification from the White House. Along these lines, the between time government and our declaration on Biafra, they are as yet in place; we are holding up to get an answer from the US yet the administration we shaped is in place. Upon the arrival of President Donald Trump from an excursion, Biafra will take off. Obama and Trump will make Biafra be a reality.

"My bureau individuals have responded, some adversely, however, I know they will come around; the interval government is alive yet we can't enact it until the point when we get a flag from the White House. In any case, I realize that every one of those truisms no now, they will later come around.

"Those we delegated from the Center Belt are a piece of us; the Center belt has a place with us, including Southern Kaduna. We will give Southern Kaduna statehood and the state would be called Gurara State.

"We might likewise reestablish peace between Cross Stream and Ebonyi. The limit question is an aftereffect of feeble government. They couldn't care less that we are murdering ourselves inasmuch as they are taking our oil. Be that as it may, Biafra won't permit any type of limit emergency. That we can guarantee our kin. There will be outright peace."

Responding to Onwuka's interval government, pioneer of the Development for the Realization of the Sovereign Province of Biafra, MASSOB, Mr. Uchenna Madu, expelled him as a joke: "That is his own example. I may not censure him, for him to state he has announced Biafra and framed his bureau without discussion, without due process l don't recognize what to state.

"All I know is that we are still in the battle to reestablish the antiquated Kingdom of Biafra. For the time being, we have not accomplished Biafra's sway. We need to take after due process; Biafra is not what anyone could simply wake up during the evening and say, I have proclaimed Biafra and framed government. That is garbage; that influences a personification of the battle and we to can never bolster such. Consequently, Benjamin Onwuka is without anyone else. He is a joke."

Madu talked further: "Really those of us in the battle should check the abundances in the battle, however, we would prefer not to make the feeling that we have inside wranglings. So if Onwuka likes let him say he has announced Biafra in paradise, that he is the president, no issue. No one is challenging the administration however one thing is sure, one must take after the due procedure, and tail it peacefully.

"Not utilizing savagery in the battle, that is the most vital thing. So with his approach, I think he is making a cartoon of himself not even the Biafra cause since no one is considering him important, even the worldwide group, even the general population of Biafra are not considering him important. So on the off chance that he enjoys he can go and rest or attempt to re-organize, re-strategize or gain from individuals like us who have been in the battle for near 18 years.

"He announced himself president and began naming individuals as individuals from his bureau. Some of these individuals trust in Nigeria and one Nigeria; these are government officials and partners in the Nigeria Undertaking yet he named them as individuals from his bureau, making the feeling that those individuals are supporting the battle when they are definitely not. These are individuals who are even against the battle; tomorrow the DSS will begin badgering those individuals, making an open door for the security organizations to begin hassling Igbo pioneers. What's more, tomorrow if there is an open door for significant help to the battle these individuals will bashful away, on the grounds that some individual like Onwuka has botched up the framework."

Nnamdi Kanu not secluded from everything – Sibling 

The more youthful sibling of Nnamdi Kanu, Sovereign Emma Kanu, has tossed frosty water on a story making the rounds that the pioneer of the Autonomous Individuals of Biafra (IPOB) had sought shelter to abstain from being stolen by security offices.

In a phone visit yesterday evening, Sovereign Emma said the gossip was unwarranted as Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had not done anything incorrectly to warrant his being captured, including that his sibling is not perplexed of being captured. He stated: "I don't know from where individuals get their data. The reality remains that we have not seen any expanded security nearness that will make the IPOB pioneer to seek shelter."

Talking further, he stated: "A general does not hide by just hearing the sound of a firearm. In the event that they like, let them convey the entire troops in Nigeria toward the South East, the IPOB pioneer won't be moved as he stays unfaltering in the tumult."

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