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Saturday, 16 September 2017

MUST READ: I Want to Marry a Man with a Bad Boy Character - Bootylicious Actress, Didi Ekanem

Small time's meat is another man's toxic substance. While a few women would rather agree to a delicate, adoring man, Nollywood performer, Didi Ekanem needs an 'awful kid'. 

While talking in an elite meeting with Daily Sun, quick rising Nollywood performing artist, Didi Ekanem, uncovered that she needs a 'terrible kid' for an existence accomplice as a few women would rather make due with a delicate, cherishing and benevolent man.

The bootilicious screen star went further and uncovered the purposes for her choice as he additionally discusses her profession and desires.

Here are passages from the visit;

It appears to be most performing artists are going into the design business, why did you join the pattern? 

I didn't join any pattern. I have dependably had an affection for design and excellence even before I turned into a performing artist. Growing up, before I went out, I'd spruce up and disrobe around 20 times until the point that I locate the ideal outfit for whatever occasion I was going for. It was a custom and it proceeded till date. In this way, it's just typical that I'm into design business today.

We see the way you display what you got via web-based networking media, most particularly Instagram, do you frequently get negative remarks? In the event that you do, how would you deal with them? 

I really don't focus on negative remarks. Be that as it may, do you mean displaying my garments? It's critical I do that for the development of my business.

Not garments entirely rather you're posterior… 

Gracious, that! Do you call it displaying? Without a doubt? I don't think so…

You know a few men dribble over huge posteriors; would you be able to review any humiliating minute concerning this? 

If it's not too much trouble would we be able to not discuss ass? Much thanks to you.

Would you say you are satisfied as a performing artist? 

How might I be satisfied when I've scarcely begun? I am not satisfied o, still hungry for additional.

Is it accurate to say that you were anytime sexually annoyed? 

I wasn't still. I had the correct stage from Royal Arts Academy. That made it simple for me.

Have you generally needed to be a performing artist? 

Truly, I have for the longest time been itching to be an on-screen character. I knew it from my unreasonable viewing of Nollywood motion pictures amid occasions. Consistently, my father used to give me cash in those days, to lease motion pictures… and everybody in my neighborhood knew I was fixated on films. Along these lines, later when they began viewing my films, it was typical to them.

In the event that you aren't in media outlets, what else would you have been doing? 

I haven't really thought of what else I could have done aside amusement since appropriate from time, excitement had dependably been at the forefront of my thoughts; despite the fact that, my daddy needed to constrain law on me sooner or later.

What sort of part will Didi dismiss playing? 

It's surely going to be a naked part. Over-uncovering parts aren't for me.

Would you be able to date or wed a performer? 

I can't state who I can wed or who I can't wed. Whoever God says is mine, will be mine, be he a performer, designer, specialist or minister. My sort of man must be God-dreading. He should be deferential and minding, with a little terrible kid character, clearly not a drag, a man that can love me right.

What does love intend to you? 

To me, cherish implies regard, mind, understanding, persistence, resilience, and trust.

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