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Friday, 8 September 2017

MUST READ: In major Supreme Court case, Justice sides with bread cook who declined to make wedding cake for gay couple

In a noteworthy up and coming Supreme Court case that measures approach rights with religious freedom, the Trump organization on Thursday agreed with a Colorado bread cook who declined to prepare a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

The Department of Justice on Thursday documented a brief in the interest of dough puncher Jack Phillips, who was found to have damaged the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act by declining to make a cake to praise the marriage of Charlie Craig and David Mullins in 2012. Phillips said he doesn't make wedding cakes for same-sex couples since it would abuse his religious convictions.

The legislature concurred with Phillips that his cakes are a type of articulation, and he can't be constrained to utilize his gifts for something he doesn't have faith in.

''Constraining Phillips to make articulation for and take an interest in a service that abuses his genuinely held religious convictions attacks his First Amendment rights,'' Acting Solicitor General Jeffrey B. Divider wrote in the brief.

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