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Contact Us practices itself in the online special part of an up and coming urban discharges. We have built up ourselves, inside the online group, keeping in mind the end goal to offer artists, record labels, and managers our constant experience, aptitudes, and ability that we have in the advanced domain of music showcasing.

Our promoting efforts utilize vital strategies which are set up to adequately boost introduction, manufacture mark mindfulness, and in addition making a grassroots development.

So what would we be able to improve the situation you?

Get your own particular artist profile page on our site

Disseminate your songs to different and Social Networks

News and Press Releases.

So whats the cost for this? NOTHING, it's a FREE service

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Lamentably, we cant simply advance anybody, all artist that send in materials experience a strict endorsement process where some of our group audits your verses, vocals, and quality. It's those elements that choose whether we advance you or not.

On the off chance that you are disliked this doesn't mean you're sufficiently bad, it's simply we feel that your work needs change before we can advance you.

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On the off chance that you need to make a grumbling about any of our online services or on the off chance that you think your or another person's licensed innovation or different rights have been encroached by our online services you can do as such by submitting full points of interest by sending your email to

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